Rental Source Property Management, LLC
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Renting or leasing your property can provide substantial income producing benefits to you, but only if your property is properly managed. Rental Source's highly trained personnel give you the freedom to enjoy larger profits from your investment while you hand the burden of management to resourceful professionals. When your leasing, maintenance and loss prevention are professionally managed, your property retains its value and returns its maximum profit with very little effort from you. Rental Source Property Management, LLC will handle all your rental needs including the following:


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Not only will we put up signage, but also our marketing efforts will aslo include a featured page on this website including photos, a listing on the MLS for other realtors to see, flyers out to our contacts with relocation companies and human resource depatments of Fortune 500 companies in your area.  Rental Source Property Management, LLC will also direct the people calling in looking for a place to the properties we are managing first.  We also suggest putting ads in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Apartment Finders, Apartment Guides.  We have advertisement attracting prospects in major search engines, online classifieds and in the Post Dispatch.  Because of our reputation, many prospects contact our office for a free list of the vacancies we are managing. No one benefits from vacancies, including our company. In light of that fact, while other management companies often continue to charge owners management fees on vacant properties, Rental Source DOES NOT!

Tenant Screening
Rental Source considers tenant selection a key ingredient in successful residential property management. We are confident that our method will find the tenants we want. Leasing agents lease only to qualified applicants and are encouraged to sign the right applicant, not the first applicant! We require a detailed written application and a copy of each applicant's driver's license from each adult to occupy the home over the age of 18. No applicant will be approved until all questions are answered to our satisfaction. We run their credit report, criminal history, civil history, verify employment and residential history, and figure their debt to income ratio. We have certain criteria we go by to approve or disapprove every applicant so that discrimination is not a factor. Click here to see a list of the standard criteria we go by to approve or disapprove.
Lease Execution and Move Outs
Rental Source Property Management, LLC protects you and your property through the constant review of our lease and addenda. If necessary, with the aid of legal counsel, revisions and updates are made. These documents are "Landlord" oriented and afford you protections many others do not. Our staff will be there for the signing of the lease and to walk thru the unit with your new tenant. We will come again for another walk thru after 30 days.

After the tenant moves out we will walk through the unit assessing what needs to be done to re-rent, we will fill out a detailed summary of what needs to be covered by the security deposit and release it at that time. We will then get your unit ready to re-rent in a timely fashion.

Rental payments and non-payments
Rental Source Property Management, LLC will collect the rent and handle delivering notices. Evictions are handled by an attorney of your choice or a reputable one and we help along the way from beginning to end, including appearing in court on the owner's behalf. You need never make contact with the tenant. We act as your liason.

Accounting & Reporting
Rental Source Property Management, LLC maintains complete computerized records on each property.  You are provided with a monthly Cash Flow Statement and additional customized reports are available for your specific needs. Monthly services include rent collection, payment of all or a portion of property operating expenses, monthly disbursement and financial reports. Consolidated reporting for all your properties, under Rental Source Property Management, LLC, is provided.

Repairs & Maintenance
Snow removal and Landscaping, along with other maintenance needs, will be managed for you. Normal non-emergency maintenance repairs are scheduled with the tenant during regular business hours and are affected as soon as possible, at the convenience of the tenant. For emergency situations, where there may be eminent danger to life and/or property, tenants are given Rental Source's 24 hour, 7 day a week emergency contact number. Rental Source Property Management, LLC recognizes the importance of cost containment and diligently strives to keep repair costs controlled. Along with our highly skilled maintenance department staff, Rental Source has developed strong relationships with many vendors, contractors, and suppliers. Through this network, Rental Source believes it can offer the most competitive repair costs possible.

Management Fees
Our goal is to provide you, the property owner, the security and the comfort of worry-free rental property ownership at an affordable price. Our fees are as follows; 60% of the first months rent and 10% of the monthly rent thereafter for Property Management,  only 70% of the first months rent for Tenant Procurement. Minimum fee required.  Additional fee may be required to show the home depending on the location.  Call for more details.
To hire our staff to manage your property, start by clicking here to let us know your managment needs or contact us at 636-447-8661 or 800-851-9303

Referral Service:
In the event your property does not require full management services, you can use our referral service to simply get tenants into your rental property.

We can help you find your tenants in 3 ways:

Free Advertisement:
We can post your vacancy on our website.  There is no advertisement fee, if you are using us to do the background checks on your applicants (we do ask that you pay for the first one up front-$40).  Or you can pay a $50 advertisement fee if you do not wish to use our services for background checks.

Membership:  Become a member of ours and you will receive many benefits.  We will put a featured page on this website about your property, including photos.  The membership fee is $150 a year and it includes 3 application background checks.  Another benefit is that you can post 10 bad debts onto the credit reports of people that have left owing you money.  

Property Management or Tenant Procurement:  You receive the benefits of Membership, plus you get your property featured on the MLS for real estate agents to see, when they have clients who are looking to rent.  We also send out flyers to our contacts with relocation companies in the area so they can let their employees that are relocating know what is out there.  We charge 60% of the first month's rent for Property Management and 70% of the first month's rent for Tenant Procurement.  Additional fee may be required to show the home depending on the location.  Call for more details.